Glaser Mills

Trust, Reliability and Quality for over 70 years.

We sell 100% Made in the USA, high quality Nylon and Polyester fabric to manufacturers for use in flags and banners. Glaser Mills fabric is primarily used for Cut and Sew, Digital Print and Applique work.

Founded in the late forties by a family of textile professionals,
Glaser Mills has become a lifelong partner for flag and banner manufacturers the world over.

Decades of experience and a deep understanding of our products and the industry make us an ideal source for both fabric and knowledge. We're happy to share our extensive wisdom and experience with all our customers, large and small. Give us a call, we'll guide you in the right direction.

Learn About our Products

GlaserMills products stand behind all of the major flag manufacturers in the USA including Annin, Valley Forge, FlagSource, Seasonal Designs, FlagZone, Eder Flag, The Flag Place, Prestige Flag, Showdown Displays and many others.

When you need to manufacture with the highest quality products, Glaser Mills fabrics will guarantee success.

Glaser Mills fabric is used nation wide by flag and banner manufacturers. A local supplier can be found for almost every location in the country, should you need a reference. If you are searching for finished goods, please call us and we can recommend the closest manufacturer in your area.

As a globally known company, Glaser Mills has received attention from the international business community. We reach over the seas to South Africa, France, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE and China and across the borders to Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama and Belize.


Yards of high quality fabric has been supplied by Glaser Mills in the past 70+ years.
For reference, if it was a single piece of cloth it could be rolled around the Earth's 2.5 times

Our products are proudly Made in the USA, certified by the FMAA (Flag Manufacturers Association of America) and Berry Compliant

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Glaser Inventory Management System

Glaser Mills
Research and Development

The textile industry has a history that spans across centuries. Some of today's manufacturing practices utilize cutting edge sensors and technology. Some have remain unchanged over the millenia. At Glaser Mills, we understand the origins of the industry and the disruptive power of modern technology. We thrive to embrace both.

Working with the laboratories of our raw material suppliers, we are always looking to improve our existing products and add new, better or cheaper products as the needs of our customers dictate. If you need a custom made textile product, please contact us for assistance.

In our backoffice, our custom built inventory management system improves many aspects of our business ultimately translating into these great benefits for our clients:

  • Paperless billing
  • Easier & faster tracking
  • Automatic application of price quotes
  • Multiple drop ship location support for resale orders
  • 10+ year order history for all customers