The Glaser Family has been in the textile business since 1945. Originally an importer / exporter of any and all fabrics to Europe, the company turned to predominately nylon in the 1960's. Since its inception, the company has been run by its founder Fred Glaser, now 87, who still commutes to the home office in Great Neck, New York at least four days a week. Following a brief teaching career, Fred's son Roy joined the business and has taken it to new heights. The newest member, and the third generation, Roy's son Michael has recently joined to help bring Glaser Mills into the 21st century with advances like online order placement and tracking (coming soon).

Now the premier supplier of nylon to the largest flag and banner manufacturers in the country, Glaser Mills marches into the 21st century with its largest inventory ever, totaling over three million yards. Our stocked inventory was even substantial enough to survive the incredible upturn as a result of the events of September 11th and the wars that have followed.